Category: Digital photo sketchbook VPA 380

So I was watching inseption, and there was a scean in the movie where there was two mirrors. I thought it would be fun to recreate that.


I went with Edgar Martins’ work. He took photos while it was fogy. Making the picture look unique. I did change a little though. I went with Black and White images. I felt it looked better.

Pano’s of two sides of the statue along with the description.


I thought it would be nice to see what a railroad track would look like at night so I experimented.

These were taken at the San Diego Automotive museum.

These items were all found at my parents house. The airplane was made from soda cans, the saw with the painting on it has always been at my parents house since I could remember, and the picture frame, with my mom and brother in it, was made out of Popsicle sticks. These are all forms of recycling in form of decoration.