Review One

            In Martin’s review of Hall’s, running with Joy, he discusses many of the hard ships that Hall brings up about training. Hall, the American record holder in the half-marathon, goes through the struggles with accepting specific regards to his training. Some being: running alone is often better, slow days should be slow, don’t over-invest in running, long runs every two weeks, tempo run every two weeks, and two sprint/stride workouts per week. These topics all lead to a clear and defined line of how Hall trains, and one could see the hard work and dedication it takes to fulfill the ambitions of a distance runner.

Martin shows that Hall suggests that running alone is often better. This is to the fact that it allows for the athlete to learn their own body. To know what they can do. That is an important aspect of training because a runner is always on the cusp of over training, and to be able to read that line allows for greater results.

Don’t over-invest in running helps the runner not put too much pressure on themselves. This will allow them to be not as stressed out and to have more fun while training and to also enjoy their races.

Long runs every two weeks allows for Hall to split up his longer runs. This is helpful because longer runs usually take a lot out. He doesn’t need a 30k run every week. However, the way that he runs them is much harder; as he runs them up hill. This allows for less strain on the body and also helps with strength.

Tempo run every two weeks gives him time between his hard work outs that he pushes his limits on.  These works out are very strenuous on the body and recover is key to a healthy injury free training.

Sprint/stride workouts two times per week help break up the lactate acid. Distance runners often get settled into pace, and running outside that pace every so often is good for the blood flow to the muscles.

This was a good article it has opened my mind and made me want to read Ryan Hall’s book.



Martin, Brian. Ryan Hall’s running training philosophy. July 201.