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Sports Week


Logo Attributes

I’ve always liked the advertising that logos represent in extreme sports brands. They catch the eyes of imagination, and draw in curiosity.


Fish And Frog


It reminds me of our school Logo only better.It made me think about how deep our roots go.I cant believe someone actually dressed their dog up like this.I love running, and that’s one big bottle……..I’ve always been a sucker for comics. These are a lot of great superheros. I like to think I could live by those words someday. I also like how the guys a lone in the forest. Symbolic.




Usain Bolt “Look A Like”




The Wednesday Chef is a blog that highlights the daily happenings that lead into the development of a meal. He seems to be spontaneous about what he makes. As the day unfolds and the store comes into mind, he lets the food pick him. The descriptions used to describe the process of making the meal makes them sound so delicious that it could be tasted as the words are read from my mouth.